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Wight Management



Weight Loss

Effective weight loss can be achieved, only once the underlying reasons of obesity are identified and acknowledged. To offer you a program that takes care of weight loss while addressing all your health concerns, we conduct a complete Body Composition analysis for each of our client’s as a pre-requisite.


This analysis gives us an insight into the gross distribution of the various elements of your body, helping us decode your Body Composition in terms of water, fat and lean body mass.Our team of qualified professionals also takes an overview of all the associated risks and co-existing medical problems, social and personal situations and precipitating factors that may be related to your weight gain. This information helps set the guidelines for formulating an appropriate and feasible program that achieves weight loss while promoting wellness for you. Get a free consultation at our centre to find out more about our services please Contact Us


Clinical Assesment


Our experienced team ensures to perform a thorough physical examination along with an evaluation of your medical and family history. A record of all medical reports, drugs (if any) and surgical/medical procedures will be ask for, for those suffering from any ailment or disability in order to deal efficiently with any contraindications.


Evaluation of the Overweight and Obese Patient History



  • Chronologic history of body weight, weight gain, and inciting events

  • Response to previous weight loss attempts

  • Understanding of how body weight affects health

  • Expectation of weight management program

  • Lifestyle, including diet and physical activity patterns

  • Social history (occupation, travel, home environment)

  • Family history

  • Psychiatric and psychological history ( binge eating disorder, bulimia, body image disturbance)

  • Medication history

  • System review

  • Motivation and readiness


Physical Examination


  • Body weight and height measured (without shoes)

  • Waist circumference measured superior to iliac crest

  • Calculate your BMI


Zero Session


We understand that a universal “one-size-fits-all program”, can never help an individual achieve complete wellness. Therefore, we arrange for a zero session that brings to you the expertise of our team of highly qualified professionals that include Medical aestheticians, nutritionists, dietitians, psychologists, counselors, registered nurses, therapists and beauty experts who holistically formulate highly customized programs just for you




Weight loss programs focused only at lowering the scales offer short term solutions to dealing with weight issues. At Central Laser and Beauty Clinic, we aim at a complete turnaround in lifestyle that steadily conditions you to make healthier choices. Only a permanent change in lifestyle can lead to lifelong wellness. If required we also consult family physicians through you in order to analyze the complete medical background of individuals in order to achieve effective weight loss. For a FREE counseling contact us @ 905 597 4005


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